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An integral part of the Greater Geneva population’s DNA, Balexert occupies a favoured position in the heart of every Genevan. Few of them have not had memorable experiences here such as family outings, unforgettable meetings with good friends, first emotions in the cinema, purchases for important moments in life or quite simply for their everyday needs. Nowadays many people also come to Balexert to enjoy a leisurely walk, entertainment and restaurant visits in an environment which over the years has become a familiar space in their daily lives.

That is the reason why Balexert has always remained French-speaking Switzerland’s top shopping centre with a major role among Switzerland’s three leading malls.


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A project is born

Before Cornavin railway station and Cointrin airport were built on the right bank of the lake, traditional shopping was concentrated on the “lower streets”. It was therefore a natural step forward for this entire new part of the town to become a modern shopping venue.
The Migros Geneva Cooperative Society and Grand Passage belonging to the Jelmoli group began to acquire sites in the triangle between avenue Louis-Casai, avenue du Pailly and route de Meyrin in 1957, with a view to constructing a shopping complex.
On the American shopping centre model, the future Geneva facility was located some distance from the city centre. A study of traffic and existing or future access routes was therefore undertaken for this project.


Inauguration of the Balexert centre

Inauguration of French-speaking Switzerland’s first major shopping centre with a total floor space of 27,000 m², 40 stores and 1,600 parking spaces.
The centre had two owners: Migros and Grand Passage.


Grand Passage closes

Grand Passage closed in 1996, leaving Migros the sole owner of Balexert.
The zone formerly occupied by Grand Passage was divided into several different spaces, enabling new stores to be accommodated and the range of products on offer in the centre broadened.


First Balexert extension

2001 saw Balexert’s first extension. The shopping centre now had total floor space of 54,225 m², with 110 stores and service companies. These works necessitated a substantial investment of CHF 133 million.
This extension enabled prestigious names such as Fnac, C&A, H&M and Migros to be grouped together. A cutting-edge Pathé cinema complex with no fewer than 13 screens was also added.


Second Balexert extension

The P3 car park was inaugurated in 2006, linked to Balexert by a walkway overlooking avenue du Pailly and leading directly into the first floor of the centre.
The Ecole-Club Migros occupied a further 3,300 m² on the top floor of P3.


Third Balexert extension

In 2010 the new west wing was opened with direct access by tram from route de Meyrin. 10,000 extra square metres provided space for the Migros hypermarket, melectronics, Globus, The Body Shop, Läckerli Huus, Lush, Okaïdi, the Migros restaurant, Nature & Découvertes, Carat jewellery store and the new day nursery.


Time for refurbishment

Total refurbishment of the shopping centre’s outer shell was completed at the end of 2017.
The old grey frontages were replaced by elegant curved white and red surfaces.


Interior refurbishment of the centre

Balexert will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021. To mark this jubilee and give customers the benefit of a welcoming modern centre, Management put in hand complete refurbishment works in October 2018; they include replacement of the flooring, false ceilings, lighting and central glass canopy. Lasting for around 18 months, these works will be phased and carried out mainly in the evening and early morning, enabling customers to continue benefiting from Balexert in the greatest possible comfort.


Replacement of the glass canopy

One of the main features of the interior redesign of Balexert is the glass canopy above the central lobby whose replacement will enable new energy standards to be met. This delicate phase will be completed in November 2019.
This new structure will make the centre brighter and far more up to date.
In parallel, the Balexert leisure facilities were extended in early 2019 with the addition of a bowling alley, restaurant and games area on the top floor of P3 following the removal of the École-Club Migros to Pont Rouge.


Balexert celebrates its 50th anniversary!

Created in 1971, French-speaking Switzerland’s biggest shopping centre will celebrate its 50th anniversary.
To mark the occasion, total exterior and interior refurbishment of Balexert will be completed.

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  • 1971
  • 1996
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Satisfied customers

What I like best is visiting all these shops on my days off without my daughter.
To say nothing of meals with friends in all the restaurant corners – a moment of pure pleasure ???.
Audrey G.
There are so many moments Balexert! Since 1981, I do not count anymore.
The most striking? It's old! My big aunt Zabeth took us to eat at a restaurant where McDo was, and now Pull & Bear, and she gave us a book on horses! Magic and precious.
Alexandra M.
Setting the world to rights with a friend over a nice cup of coffee, going shopping, having a massage, enjoying the delights of the Food Court and going on to the cinema to end the day with a great film.
You can do all that at Balexert ?.
Vanessa M.
I like walking through Balexert as the whim takes me, stopping for a tasty coffee at Pause Café, strolling around, seeking out the best clothing bargains and ending the day with a cinema visit. You can find everything here and that’s what I like so much!
Corinne M.
Balexert was the day nursery when I was little, birthdays at the McDo with Ronald, daily visits when I was a teenager to watch all the Harry Potter films in the Pathé cinema and, last but not least, my first cigar at Havana&News. In a word, my whole life!
Benoît C.


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