The International Geneva Welcome Center (CAGI)

Founded by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Geneva, the Center d’Accueil de la Genève Internationale (CAGI) is the unique gateway for support and integration mainly for employees of international organizations, permanent missions and NGOs and their family members; so that they feel at home.

By carrying out its mission, the CAGI wishes that its privileged interlocutors become ambassadors of International Geneva, which is an integral part of the historical heritage and DNA of Geneva.

The role of International Geneva in the influence of our canton is undeniable. Over time, the city of Calvin has indeed become one of the essential places of world governance.

By its nature, the Balexert center is a space for meetings and important exchanges between internationals and locals. Thus, as a neighbor on the right bank and with international visitors due to its location between Geneva airport and the city centre, the Balexert center naturally wished to get closer to the CAGI by becoming a sympathizing member.

This is how Balexert, a major economic player in French-speaking Switzerland since 1971, is part of a process of supporting the international community in Geneva.

“Thank you to Balexert for having joined the CAGI as a sympathizing member. By joining forces, we will better serve International Geneva in our efforts to facilitate the integration and settlement of its employees and their family members in the Lake Geneva region. This support from the private sector, as demonstrated by Balexert, is crucial.  Through close cooperation between the public and private sectors we will make a difference to further strengthen International Geneva.” Salman BAL, Director