Caviar Prunier

In 1994, the Manufacture Prunier became the first producer to obtain farmed sturgeon caviar, thus creating a sustainable and safe alternative for endangered species of the sea.
Caspian. Today, the grain selection process as well as the recipes of the Manufacture Prunier make it possible to obtain caviars with very different flavors.

The Manufacture Prunier is the only farm in France to raise its sturgeons from its own fry and to produce its own caviar sold under its brand. In the middle of several hectares of preserved land on the edge of the Isle, one of the tributaries of the Dordogne, in Montpon-Ménestérol near Bordeaux, the Manufacture Prunier continues today its traditional heritage by producing its caviar in a totally controlled environment. To obtain a “perfect” caviar, the Manufacture breeds two sturgeons: Acipenser baerii and Acipenser gueldenstaedtii.

PRUNIER French Caviar – Baerii
Made from young acipenser baeri sturgeons, this caviar has a delicate texture and small, supple amber grains. Its iodized structure, discreet but complex, will introduce you to the world of Prunier caviars.

PRUNIER French Caviar – Gueldenstaedtii (Osciètre)
It was in 2010 that Prunier Manufacture introduced the first Oscietra fry and has since raised them with great care and patience.
L’Osciètre Prunier will seduce you with its charcoal brown color and the shiny appearance of its grains. In the mouth, it is characterized by the typical salting of Plum tree which gives it a subtle nutty taste pleasantly iodized.