Discover the actions implemented by Balexert in terms of sustainable development.

Optimize energy

Opened in 1971 and with more than 60,000 square meters of retail space, some facilities are dated. The renovation carried out in 2020 and 2021 has made it possible to update many equipment, and thus reduce energy consumption by 25%.

For example, Balexert has switched to 100% LED lighting in all common areas since the Relooking works. The new roof over the Grande Place is made of inflatable ETFE air cushions. Transparent, they allow daylight to pass through while guaranteeing thermal insulation, winter and summer, and fully meet the standards of the Office Cantonal de l’Energie. Balexert is also part of the Génilac project for the management of the centre’s cooling. Built by SIG, this infrastructure runs on water from Lake Geneva and 100% renewable electricity. On the heating side, Balexert is connected to the SIG district heating network. No on-site energy production.

Make mobility easier

Do you own an electric car or use one occasionally? Balexert offers 12 charging stations, distributed in P1, P2 and P3, and this figure will increase considerably in the coming years. And that’s not all: in 2023, Balexert will welcome 16 Tesla superchargers, a first in the canton.

Balexert has also thought of soft mobility enthusiasts, going from 0 to 50 covered spaces for bicycles, and wants to replace the current hoops.


Always think upcycling

Did you know that Balexert does upcycling? In 2020, the center embarked on the recovery of a large number of its advertising media in order to make quality, original and unique objects, such as bags, shopping bags, shopping bags, key rings, or deckchairs. Each bag is handmade by professional seamstresses, in collaboration with the Geneva foundation Pro, with the aim of offering an empowering work environment to people with disabilities and young people in reintegration. The deckchairs are manufactured by a company located in Lignon.


Take part of our societal environment

Balexert has a significant societal footprint. As a corporate citizen, rooted in the local fabric, the center supports more than thirty associations and events in the Geneva area each year.
During paid events, all funds raised are donated to local associations. For example, in 2022, more than CHF 5,000 were donated to the Association Savoir Patient – Réseau Cancer du Sein.

Balexert has always been committed to supporting local sport, as evidenced by its commitment to the Genève-Servette Hockey Club, the Curling Team Schwaller, and more recently the Balexert 20km de Genève. Promoting sport, culture and charitable action, as well as supporting dynamic associative activity are strong commitments, anchored in the values ​​of Balexert.