An economical, ecological and solidarity delivery

Caddie service offers delivery using electrically-assisted bicycles in an environmentally friendly manner at a low price. It is an ecofriendly alternative to car use, to carry your shopping bags home. It allows seniors, isolated or reduced mobility people to make their own purchases without having to worry about carrying loads and thus, to maintain a social link by going to the shops in their neighborhood.

Home delivery or shopping and delivery, as desired

It’s up to you to choose between two options:

  • Make your purchases and have it delivered
  • or have your purchases made and delivered

How it works ?

  • Make your purchases in the 120 stores of the center
  • Send us your list of commissions on 079 859 99 40 or by email

We offer those who cannot travel to do their shopping, a purchasing & amp; delivery for the modest sum of Sfr. 10.- (2 bags with caddiePass). Thanks to the support of the City of Vernier, the Verniolan (s) benefit from the “common partner” rate and only pay Sfr. 5.- for the delivery of 2 bags if they are holders of our caddiePass half-price card, valid for 12 months (value Sfr. 40.-).

In addition, if your dry recyclables (PET, ALU, Glass, Batteries, Paper) encumber you, we collect your bags during our visits and drop them off at the nearest collection point.