2,000 parking spaces at P1, P2 and P3, including 300 in P + R at P1 and P2.
Caution: limited heights: 1.95m for P1 and P2 and 2m10 for P3.
Night parking prohibited
> see Internal Rules

63 large parking places are available at Comfort car park P1.
Special fares apply. See below.

You no longer know where you parked?
Find your vehicle location using search terminals (1 in each parking lock).

Family parking designed for parents with strollers.

Motorcycle parking available on the different floors of P1, P2 and P3 (more places since 01.10.2022).

20 spaces for electric vehicles at P1 and P2, 6 spaces in P1 Parking Confort (charging cables not provided). Charging rates below. 24 Tesla Supercharger at P3
2 Mobility spaces at P1 (Parking Confort exit).



Bicycle parking spaces available on the different floors of P1, P2 and P3.
50 covered bicycle parking spaces at Louis-Casaï av.
2 bicycle tire inflation stations at Louis-Casaï av.

Places for people with reduced mobility located near the entrance halls

Parking access

Parking fares

Monday to saturday, during the day (entrance from 6am to 5:59pm)

From 00mn to 59minFree
From 01h00 to 01h29CHF 0.80
From 01h30 to 01h59CHF 1.00
From 02h00 to 02h29CHF 1.50
From 02h30 to 02h59CHF 2.00
From 03h00 to 03h29CHF 3.00
From 03h30 to 03h59CHF 4.00
From 04h00 to 07h59CHF 2.50 per ½ hour
After 08hCHF 3.- per ½ hour

Monday to saturday, on evening and night (entrance after 6pm)
& sunday and holiday

From 00mn to 03h59Free
From 04h00 to 07h59CHF 2.- per ½ hour
After 08hCHF 2.50 per ½ hour

Comfort car park
3m40 large parking space

From 00mn to 29mnCHF 1.50
From 30mn to 59mnCHF 3.-
From 01h00 to 01h29CHF 4.50
From 01h30 to 01h59CHF 6.-
From 02h00 to 02h29CHF 7.50
From 02h30 to 02h59CHF 9.-
From 03h00 to 03h29CHF 10.50
From 03h30 to 03h59CHF 12.-
From 04h00 to 07h59CHF 3.- per ½ hour
After 08hCHF 4.- per ½ hour

Any started time slot is due.
An immediate return to the car park (less than 30 minutes) does not entitle you to a new free hour. In such a case, the usual rate will be increased by a penalty of CHF 10.-.

Electric charging is chargeable from February 1st, 2022
– Do you use the Map SIG Move? See prices here
– For all other users (eg EVpass, MOVE, swisscharge, etc.) consult your operator’s prices.

Parking is closed from 1:30 am to 6:00 am (7:00am on sundays. Subject to modification at anytime).
Parking prohibited. Cars will be evacuated at the vehicle owner’s expense, without warning.