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Fresh, handmade cosmetics in Geneva.
We believe in the manufacture of high-performance cosmetics, top-quality essential oils and safe synthetic products. We also believe in the importance of listing the ingredients of our products in readily understandable language.
We believe it is possible to dispense with the use of materials of animal origin and work only with suppliers who test their ingredients on human volunteers.
We believe that our products must be made by hand, our own labels printed and our own fragrances invented.
We believe it is important to take long candlelit baths eating chocolate, give or receive massages and fill your home with fragrances when taking a shower.
We believe that our products should offer a good price/quality ratio, that we deserve to make a profit and that the client is always right.
We also believe in the right to be mistaken, lose everything and start over again.
We also think that words like “fresh” and “organic” have a real meaning beyond their commercial context.

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