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  • Level: 1
  • Nearest car park: P1/P2 bleu
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At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we don’t design products to look good. We design them to make people feel good. Whether we’re designing extraordinary products for everyday life, or making everyday products look extraordinary, we want to bring you something that can bring you closer to someone else. Things that make you smile. Things you’ll want to give away. Things you’ll want to try and desperately want to share. Because true value lies not in the products we own, but in the experiences we share.

Every month Flying Tiger Copenhagen launches a series of new products. Products you need. Things you dream of. Things you never knew existed. Products designed with you and the resources we share in mind. Each of them is designed to make the things you care about come true.

A richer life doesn’t cost a fortune. At least not at Flying Tiger Copenhagen in Geneva.

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