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  • Nearest car park: P1/P2 jaune
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Migros Geneva and Naturalia have decided to join forces to offer Geneva’s customers the most complete, accessible, local and distinctive organic offer in Switzerland through the creation of a new store named nature&. Integrated in the heart of the Migros Balexert store, nature& offers more than 6’000 organic products, groceries, natural cosmetics and household products.

This new space gives a large place to organic products from De La Région (DLR) and Genève Région Terre Avenir (GRTA) by integrating a new offer coming from the 40 producers of the Union Maraichère de Genève, from Bio Bourgeon as well as from the Naturalia assortment with more than 170 references of bulk food, solid and liquid cosmetics, household products or even plant-based products. Through these everyday products, consumers can discover an exclusive, gourmet selection that respects both humans and the environment.

To promote zero waste consumption, returnable glass is back with Aproz mineral water, bulk food and household products, as well as solid cosmetics.
Working locally means respecting seasonal production and the vagaries of weather-related crops. It also means accepting that sometimes only small quantities are delivered or that certain fruits and vegetables are out of size and sometimes earthy while remaining perfectly delicious.